Installing Dash Files

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Tuner Studio

Copy the .dash file to the appropriate projects 'dashboard'.
By default, project dash files are saved under: C:UsersDocumentsTunerStudioProjectsdashboard

Once the dash file is saved, open TunerStudio and select the new Gauge Cluster tab button at the bottom of the screen.
Enter a name for the new dash and select the 'Other' checkbox, browse to the dash file that you copied in the above step and select OK

Shadow Dash MS

Shadow Dash supports 8 displays, 4 landscape and 4 portrait.

NOTE: We are still waiting for the developers at EFI Analytics to update ShadowDash to support the new DASH files. They are working on it and the new version should be out very soon. At the moment the DASH files on this site may work, but have have some small ghosting effects.
Some detail regarding the pending update is here:

Connect your android device to your computer as 'USB storage'
Copy the .dash file from your computer to the /Shadow Dash MS/ folder, you will need to replace one of the existing .dash files either the 'home' file or one of the 'dashboard_x_' files.
More detail on the TunerStudio website:


Matching the Dash File to your ECU/Firmware

As there are many firmware versions for the Megasquirt ECU, you may need to reassign the Output Channel for the gauges to the correct ECU outputs in Dashboard Designer > Properties Dialog right-click menu of Tunerstudio.

You can set your gauge units there also to change displayed units from 'C' to 'F', psi to bar to kpa, etc.

And, gauge indicators may need to have their low/high warning/critical values reset or disabled (usually set to -10000 or +10000).

This is required to match the dash to your ECU & firmware. See images below of the aforementioned menu/screen.


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