Terms and Conditions

As a purchaser of custom TunerStudio dashboard files, you agree not to share the content with any other person digitally, via file share websites, forums, USB thumb drives or otherwise. You may use the dashboard file for personal use only, on computers/devices/tablets that are owned by you as the purchaser only.

TunerStudio Dashboards are created using specific Megasquirt MS3 firmare. Be aware that as a purchaser of our products you may have an ECU or TunerStudio project with a different firmware. While there is a very high chance that most dashboards will work or will be adaptable to most customers, there is always a chance that some components of a dashboard may not function correctly without making adjustments in TunerStudio dashboard designer.
This is due to variations in ECU model and their associated firmware and is dependent on TunerStudio. We cannot modify a dash file to suit your ECU unless we have physical access to the vehicle and ECU. If you are located in Melbourne Australia, we offer a service to assist with making our custom dashboards work with any Megasquirt ECU.

Some indicators, icons gauges or displays may not support your ECU depending on their function, the inputs your ECU supports, or the setup of your car.
i.e, fuel level indicators will not work if you do not have a fuel level analog input to the Megasquirt ECU.
It is your responsibility to ensure these inputs are setup or you may choose not to use the specific gauge or indicator.

TunerStudio Dashboards are for Megasquirt ECU's only.

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